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Burials in Berlin

You have just lost a loved one and you would like that this person has a good burial

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The German funeral regulations are elaborate. We offer advice and take over the entire organization whether it is a local burial or a repatriation of the deceased to his/her home country. According to German law, for example, the ashes of the deceased can not be brought home ( Friedhofzwang) but must be buried in the cemetery. The bureaucracy around a death in Germany can be very challenging. We will assist you in all steps. We would like to make sure that you can devote all your heart and soul to your grief during this time.

Ein mit bunten Bändern, Zweigen und weißen Blüten geschmückter Kindersarg auf einer Wiese, im Hintergrund kahle Winterbäume.

Lovingly saying goodbye

The only good news at this time: Nothing to
rush. Nothing is in a hurry.
You can take your time and say goodbye in
peace and love. Which things according to
their order, we have compiled here for you. 

Burying a loved one is one of the
most private moments – and one
of the moments when we are
most vulnerable. A funeral cannot
be repeated. But it can bring
peace to your grief.

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"Death cannot be rehearsed for or practiced. It always hits us - and always too soon."

Portrait von Helena und Sarah vor einer hellen Wand. Beide schauen in die Kamera und lächeln.

Hello, we are Helena and Sarah.

We became a funeral directors after losing important people – and experiencing that love can also show itself in the

Dying and death are not „easy“ topics. Many people are afraid of the things that are connected with it. Therefore, we would like to support you in saying
goodbye in love and peace.

Forms of Burial

How would the deceased like to be buried?
And what is the best way for the bereaved to grieve? We help you find and organize the right type of funeral – from cremation to the classic earth burial or a tree burial in the cemetery forest to burial on the high seas.

We invite you to shape the farewell together. You may be present when we bring the deceased person into our room of mourning. Perhaps you would also like to help as we wash and dress the deceased once again.
You may add small gifts to the casket, do something together to say goodbye, get everyone together in the house and make something solemn out of the sad occasion. For many people, little rituals like this help them lose their fear. They then feel that the deceased person remains in their heart, even when they are dead. A loving funeral can help to cope well with grief.

Detailansicht von Händen, die gerade Blumenschmuck an einem Sarg befestigen.
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"Grief is love, they say - and love for the person who has died is also shown in how you say goodbye to them with a good funeral."

Ein alter brauner Lederkoffer steht auf einem Sandweg

Repatriation and burial outside Germany

If your loved one is from another country and
would like to be buried in his or her home
country, we will organize the transport abroad with you. Most countries require that the deceased be embalmed beforehand; we take care of that here. For the repatriation we then need contact with the local morticians.
Conversely, if your loved one has died abroad, we will help you repatriate him or her to Germany for burial. We speak German, but we are also happy to organize funerals in English and Italian, my mother tongue – and we will also find a solution for other languages.

Send us a message – we are here for you.