On their English language podcast ‚Hearse Case Scenario – Die Bestatterinnen‘, Helena and Sarah talk about their work and ask questions about death, grief, and everything around it. 

Hearse Case Scenario – Die Bestatterinnen originally airs on Keith F’eM every other wednesday. It is also available on Spotify.

Sarah und Helena stehen vor einem schwarzen Leichenwagen. Ihre Haare wehen im Wind, beide haben die Hände in den Hosentaschen und blicken in die Kamera, die von leicht schräg unten auf sie gerichtet ist. Im Hintergrund das Frankfurter Tor in Berlin vor einem grauen Himmel. Oben im Bild die Worte: Hearse Case Scenario Die Bestatterinnen


#17 No Stress!

Helena and Sarah sit down on the cemetery after two funerals in one day, and talk about what they learned from them, and how they keep stress away from the grieving families.

#16 What To Wear When You're Dead

Helena and Sarah have a conversation about how they really feel about dressing the deceased.

#15 To Bury A Friend

Helena and Sarah talk about how it feels when death hits close to home, and they have to bury a friend.

#14 The Dead At Our Table

Sorry for the long pause, folks! But we’re back, and in this episode, we talk about how to incorporate remembering the dead into our lives, among other chitchat.

#13 A Touchy Subject

It’s all about the Benjamins.
In this episode of Hearse Case Scenario, Helena and Sarah talk about insecurities when it comes to charging for their services, how much an average funeral costs, and what it is that they think people should be paying for instead of expensive coffins.

#12 Transformation

Helena and Sarah talk about big and small transformations as a part of life, death, and their job, and reveal what sometimes freaks them out.
Also: Big reveal of a new show format they are starting on Keith F’eM, and changes in schedule to Hearse Case Scenario.

#11 Like Tears In Rain

Your favorite funeral podcast is back! And to ease us back in, Helena and Sarah are talking (rambling?) about their favorite on screen death scenes. If you haven’t seen a movie since the 60s: Spoilers!

#10 Adding The Spark

Can a funeral be beautiful? Can beauty soothe our pain? In the tenth episode of Hearse Case Scenario, Helena and I have a conversation about what we think a beautiful funeral looks like, and how the little details can make a big difference.

#9 On The Wing Of Sadness

Are we allowed to cry on the job? Can you get rid of all of your tears in one long cry?
In episode 9 of Hearse Case Scenario, Helena and Sarah share their experiences and views on who is allowed to tear up at a funeral, and try to figure out why we cry to begin with.

#8 Bringing Back The Love

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic descriptions of post mortem care.
Helena and Sarah invited embalmer Sophie ( Thanatopraxie SCHØNTOD) into the studio, who brought along fellow funeral director Trix. Together they unravel what happens in Sophie’s part-mortician-part-alchemist-part-artist-part-physician line of work, and how she brings love and tenderness back to the deceased.

#7 Tomorrow Is Another Day

Have you ever thought about what music should be player at your funeral? Helena and Sarah discuss the power of music as a catalyst, play each other their funeral songs, and start a playlist for your funeral songs on Spotify

#6 Keep The Grief Moving

Helena and Sarah talk to Sophia Campbell-Shaw, a willow coffin maker from Dorset, about how and why she became a coffinmaker, changes in the funeral industry, and how helping to weave a coffin for your beloved deceased can be a transitional experience.

#5 Finding The Sweet Spot

Helena and Sarah talk to their guest, German radio and TV pioneer, author, journalist, and overall badass Carmen Thomas, about how to overcome reactance towards the deceased. 

#4 You Have To Be Able To Push A Button

The ultimate act of freedom, the most selfish choice you can make, a convenient way out? In this episode, Helena and Sarah talk about assisted s*****e.

#3 On The Road To Rome

Come along as Helena and Sarah cross the Alps in a hearse, returning an Italian who died in Berlin to his homeland. Have you ever wondered what funeral directors talk about on a road trip?

#2 Of Magpies And Men

In this episode, Helena and Sarah are talking about why there’s even such a thing as an undertaker, and wonder if animals grieve.

#1 How we got here

In the first episode or Hearse Case Scenario – Die Bestatterinnen,
hosts and
funeral directors Helena and Sarah introduce themselves, and talk about how
the decision to deal with death and grief on a daily basis came to them.